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How to make OneDrive your personal music streaming service with the Groove app - PCWorld

OneDrive has an unsung feature youd be crazy not to use: Its massive storage space can be harnessed to upload your legacy music collectionold MP3 files, not to mention music trapped on CDs and LPs. Add Microsofts new Groove app, and youve made your own, personal streaming service to rival Spotify and other competition.

Microsofts OneDrive is especially suited for storing music. Windows users tend to have generous storage allotments on OneDrive thanks to Microsofts various giveaways, not to mention the ridiculous amount of storage Office 365 subscribers receive. Of all the various cloud storage services you use, OneDrive probably has the most room to spare for your collection.

Heres how to set it up.

It all starts with OneDrivegrooveweb

The Groove Web player.

Getting started with OneDrive and Groove in Windows 10 is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is get your music into OneDrive. If you use OneDrives selective sync feature to keep some of the folders stored in Microsofts cloud but off of your hard drive, youll need to make sure your Music folder is selected.


Click on Choose folders in Windows 10s OneDrive settings to sync folders with your desktop.

To do this, click the upward-pointing arrow in the system tray (the far right of the taskbar) in Windows 10, right-click the OneDrive icon, and select Settings. In the new window that opens, select the Account tab, then click Choose folders to open a second window listing all of your OneDrive folders. Scroll down until you see the Music folder, check the box next to it, and click OK.

If you dont have a Music folder, you can create one in your OneDrive folder and Groove will automatically use thatas long as you call it Music.

Once thats done, grab all the music saved to your PC and drag it into your OneDrive Music folder. Depending on the size of your music collection, it may take a while before all your content gets uploaded to OneDrive.

Now, just open the Groove music player on your desktop and your music collection will start to appear, or check out your collection on any of your mobile devices with the Groove app installed.

Windows 8.1 users can also use the OneDrive-Groove duo. Windows 8 and Windows 7 users technically arent supported, although Id wager that if you can settle for the Groove Web app youd be able to access your music collection stored in the cloud. That said, you should probably experiment with a few tracks to make sure it works before dumping your entire collection into OneDrive.

Although you may have tons of storage in OneDrive, Microsoft limits you to 50,000 songs in the Music folder. Still, thats a good number of songs and comparable to what services like Google Play Music offer.

The other thing you need to know is that Groove officially plays back music files onlyin MP3, M4A, and WMA unprotected formats. That said, I was able to get the few FLAC files I have to play back on my Android device without a problem.

Install the Groove player on all your other devices so you can access your music collection wherever you go. If you have any issues with Groove streaming, check out MicrosoftsOneDrive-Groove help page for troubleshooting tips.

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Windows 10 Mobile rollout to Windows Phones begins - WinBeta

According to a couple of tips weve just received, the rollout updating existing Windows Phones to Windows 10 Mobile is beginning. T-Mobile in Poland is reportedly pushing out updates for the Lumia 640, according to the Polish website WPWorld (translated by Bing):

Today is the day when you took off the official update for phones with Windows Mobile 10! The news gave the Polish branch of T-Mobile, indicating that the update is available for the model 640 Lumia. Currently we do not know too much about the update, T-Mobile did not give details nor build number which has been made available. We look forward to the first users, who will update and share with us this information.

T-Mobile has posted information on the update, indicating that the update will be distributed over the air, or wirelessly using Wi-Fi, but doesnt give much other detail at this time.


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Why Uber's Sundance helicopter service is about wiping Lyft off the map

The announcement of another Uber helicopter service, this time for the Sundance film festival, signals the beginning of a new, more aggressive campaign to compete with their ride-hailing competitor Lyft.

Uber executives have been rattled by the recent $1bn investment in Lyft, a round announced in January and led by General Motors.

The Lyft investment caught the attention of more traditional transportation companies like Airbus which, seeing that GM is investing in startups, initiated the partnership with Uber, it is understood.

The helicopters will fly between Salt Lake Citys airport and Park City, a 15-minute journey, for $200 a person during the day and $300 at night. Uber first experimented with helicopters in 2013 in New York.

The viability of the service is certainly another nod to Silicon Valleys embrace of inequality, but it also says something about Uber and Airbus.

Lyfts new valuation came as a shock to Uber, an executive there recently told the Guardian. Theyd all assumed the fight was basically over. And Airbus executives, who dont typically get covered by tech reporters, seems to be wanting a little startup veneer, which many car companies got recently with announcements at CES.

Its a pilot project. Well see where it goes but its pretty exciting, Airbus CEO Tom Enders said about the partnership at a tech conference in Munich yesterday.

Already, the San Francisco-based ride-hailing behemoth has had to cut prices; Lyft quickly followed suit. In Silicon Valleys funding game, an environment that values market share over profit, all that matters is that user numbers keep going up.

This means more press, more Uber for kitten-like moments (a gimmick in which the company sends on-demand kittens, often to media offices), more helicopters.

When Uber and Lyft looked more evenly matched last year, Uber began Operation SLOG, exposed in a document leak to the Verge. Covert Uber contractors would pose as civilian Lyft riders only to recruit the drivers. The company gave the operatives burner phones and credit cards to create fake accounts. To further disrupt their competition, Uber operatives also reportedly called and canceled more than 5,000 Lyft rides.

It seemed to work. Uber raised $8.61bn to reach its current astronomical $70bn. Silicon Valley insiders had largely written off Lyft. And then Lyft raised $1bn in a round led by General Motors. At a valuation between $3.9bn and $4.5bn, its still small in comparison, but in the startup world brand loyalty is weak, and consumers could quite easily switch apps.

The contrast between the two companies Uber with its smooth black aspirational aesthetic and Lyft with its pink mustaches and drivers who insist on fist-bumping riders is stark. Even as Uber tries to soften its image with humanizing profiles of its bellicose founder and Lyft moves to a more slender understated pink mustache, they represent two very different approaches to a ride-hailing future.

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Windows 10 Tips and tricks app to use lock screen pictures as background wallpaper for free - Duration: 3:15.

Published on Jan 13, 2016

If you want to use the great lock screen pictures and set them into the background of your device, easy and fun with this app in the windows store called Spotbright

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Microsoft in 2015: Mobile disasters, Windows 10 and heads in the clouds

The last twelve months have been pivotal for Microsoft, the company which once promised to put a PC on every desk but now settles for a vague mission statement about achieve more.

The new mission statement was announced by CEO Satya Nadella in June, replacing Ballmers 2013 commitment to a family of devices and services". It is significant that Nadella dropped the reference to devices. Microsoft still talks incessantly about cloud and mobile, but mobile now means iOS and Android as well as what is left of Windows Phone.

Windows Phone? This was the year that the dream ended, despite the high quality of Microsofts mobile operating system. In April 2014 the company completed its acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone division and related services, and with Windows 10 on the horizon the stage was set for another major push at making a success of Windows Phone.

At the Build developer conference in April the company announced not only details of its Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which enables the same Windows 10 code to run on phone and desktop, but also tools for porting iOS apps and an Android runtime.

Just a few months later it was over. Nadella announced a change in leadership teams and the departure of ex-Nokia CEO Stephen Elop in June, then in July came a $7.6bn writedown in the value of the Nokia mobile phone division and related services acquisition along with around 7,800 job losses primarily in the phone business.

This was more than just another failed acquisition, joining other disasters such as aQuantive in 2007 (digital marketing, $6.2bn value written down in 2012), or Danger in 2008, which led to the Kin phone debacle.

Microsofts decision to cut back Windows Phone was done in the knowledge that mobile devices and apps are the driving force in personal computing today. The company is betting that it can succeed in cloud and services, with an increasing number of its applications (such as Office) running on Apple or Google OSs.

Microsoft is still making Lumia phones, though with a cut-down range and marketing that promotes phones running Windows 10 Mobile as productivity devices that work like a PC when connected to a large display, rather than as mainstream smartphones.

Lumia: The phone that works like your PC

Microsoft's new phone strategy, because everyone wants a phone that works like a PC

This year was also the year of Windows 10, which was delivered with remarkable speed, just six months after its first detailed announcement in January. The pace of its production was indicative of Microsofts determination to escape the unpopular Windows 8 and to put some momentum back into the PC market. According to IDC that effort is not yet successful, with PC sales expected to fall 10 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2015, despite a generally favourable reaction to Microsofts new Windows.

Windows 10 is not just an upgrade, it is a new direction for Microsofts operating system. Key differences are that upgrades are free from Windows 7 or 8, at least for the first year, and that Windows is being delivered as a service, which means both security and feature upgrades delivered incrementally and indefinitely.

Another aspect is that a version of Windows 10 works on multiple device types, including PCs and tablets, phones, Xbox One, and small computers like Raspberry Pi.

The problem with Windows 10 and the UWP app strategy is that most mobile devices run iOS or Android, especially now that Microsoft itself has pulled back on Windows Phone.

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