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Phantom Group hackers threaten DDoS attacks on Xbox Live and PSN

Hackers are threatenting Christmas console chaos

A BUNCH OF GREY HATS calling themselves the Phantom Group have used Twitter to threaten gaming carnage this Christmas by launching denial-of-service (DoS) attacks on the Xbox and PlayStation networks.

We have been here before with Lizard Squad, another hacking group with a range of axes to grind but a particular interest in Sony. The Phantom Group has hit the Christmas season running, flexing its DoS muscles in the direction of Reddit. It is running an interactive poll on whether to attack the gaming sites, asking people to retweet a message if they support such action.

Today What should it be tomorrow

Phantom Squad (@PhantomSqaud) December 15, 2015

The group has distanced itself from Lizard Squad, so we can be sure that these are different actors, even if the messages and the means share similarities. Phantom Group also called out Anonymous, effectively challenging the hacking collective to find or stop it.

Some men just want to watch PSN and Xbox Live burn.

Phantom Squad (@PhantomSqaud) December 15, 2015

The group kicked off a series of attacks this weekend, and has at various times hit at Grand Theft Auto, Steam and online play for the console football game FIFA. The security industry has something to say about the group, its victims and the timing. It is not very positive.

If this gets 100 RT we will turn good and no longer threaten or attack the gaming community.

Phantom Squad (@PhantomSqaud) December 16, 2015

"The online gaming industry, given its high-volume, highly transactional environment, relies on 24/7 accessibility and is significantly affected when this can be intentionally compromised. Any downtime or interruption causes real financial and reputation impact," said Dave Larson, chief operating officer at Corero Network Security.

"Last year, the largest online gaming platforms were brought to their knees during probably the most critical time of year, and it sounds like they are up against round two this holiday season."

Phantom Group is offering to cancel its Christmas takedown plans if one Twitter message gets retweeted 100 times. It is already half way past that, but you might want to act if you have lined up a console for the holiday season.

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